Back ground

In the context of integration and globalization, distances in geography, space and time as well as cultural practices of countries are gradually shrinking. Enterprises business environments are not confined within their country but reach out regionally and worldwide. The opportunities, challenges and competition among businesses are therefore also rise significantly.

Besides, today the world becomes flatter, information is shared more transparently and openly or stolen easily, almost things can be copied including forms of products and services, their specification and quality, and the way enterprises promote and sell the product and service to market. But there is one thing that cannot be copied. It is relationship. Enterprise can learn from each other how to build and maintain relationship but the relationship cannot be copied. Thus, relationship and networking are very powerful nowadays in business environment.

Also, recent studies show that the behavior of customers during making purchase decision relies on emotional factors increasingly and is impacted by lot parties. Internet and active approaches of enterprise give them much information of the product and service and make them smarter. Thus, business opportunities are shared quite equally among enterprises but only the one who can effectively attract clients, build relationship with them, continuously engage them with updated and innovative information and product/service will win.

In such changing business environment, enterprise’ marketing is also developed and updated to better serve for business strategy and operation. Besides traditional marketing models and in recent years there are more new marketing models focused on building relationships. Relationship marketing does not focus on mutual relationship with clients but with parties that involve in the whole lifecycle of a product or service. Relationship marketing is the factors that create difference to the enterprise and help them standing out of other competitors.


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